Drill Down is a process of examining the Aggregation execution results by narrowing down and manipulating the data to create various angles and depths with which to examine the summary figures, using Details as disaggregating criteria.

Loading Aggregation Task
To load an Aggregation task using any of the Aggregation Task selection options available to you.
When you select an Aggregation task, the Drill Down selection window (Fig. 1) will open listing available details.


Select details for the initial breakdown of aggregated numbers (FIA code and Description for example) and click OK to close the Detail Selector. Loaded data is displayed in the Viewer’s grid broken down by the selected Detail Read more about the Filter in the Data Management section of this document.elements with the calculated fields showing summaries (Fig.).

Note: If TWO detail elements are selected, the system will give you a choice between 1 and 2- dimensional drill down (see below). You have to remove a checkmark from the 2-dimensional Drill Down box in order to continue with the 1-dimensional format. 

Selecting an entry activates Detail Selector’s checkbox. Putting a checkmark there will instruct the system to include in the display values with zero balances.

Changing the Initial Detail Selection
To change the initial Detail selection with nothing selected in the Data Grid:

1. Press button of the grid’s toolbar;
2. Select another combination of details from the Drill Down dialog;

If you have a row highlighted in the Viewer grid:

1. Press button;
2. Remove the checkmark from the box of the Drill Down dialog;
3. Select another combination of details from the Drill Down dialog;

Alternatively, you can accomplish the same result by drilling down the Totals:

1. Scroll down to Totals and highlight any cell in the Total row;
2. Click on the button. This will open the Detail Selector window.
3. Select another combination of details from the Drill Down dialog;

Starting Drill Down
Looking at the numbers you may want to explore a row in the grid and see how this Counterparty total breaks down by Product ID.

1. Click on a cell you want to drill down within the row of interest to select it (Fig.).

2. Click on the Drill Down button. The Detail Selector window opens (Fig.) listing available details for your selection.

3. Select Detail you want to use (Business Area SAP for example).
4. Click OK to close Detail Selector. Aggregation Viewer screen displays selected Counterparty’s total broken down by Product ID (Fig.).

Note: The system automatically inserts a logical condition into the Condition Panel reflecting you drill down a step.
5. Continue drill down using the method described above to the required level of granularity. Using Arrow buttons of the grid’s toolbar allows you to move back and forth along the drill down sequence. This is very convenient when you want to change the direction of your analysis somewhere along the line.
Note: At any point in the drill-down you can see the data on the transactional level by using the Filter button of the Main toolbar.

Two Dimensional Drilldown
The system allows you to view and drill down aggregated numbers in the matrix format.

If you select two details, the system will give you an option to view the data in the two-dimensional grid (notice the mark in the 2-Dimensional Drill Down checkbox). Detail selector will change dynamically (Fig.) giving you options to decide which detail element should be plotted on the vertical and which on the horizontal axis.

A checkmark in the Freeze Totals box indicates that the column containing Totals will stay permanently on display and will not be subject to scrolling.

After selecting both details, press OK to close the Detail selection window. The Viewer redraws in the two-dimensional configuration (Fig. 7) with one detail plotted along the horizontal and another along the vertical axis.

Two-dimensional Drilldown is conducted in a similar manner as the regular drill down, except you have to keep selecting two details at each step. Selecting one detail will switch the process to the one-dimensional mode.
Note: By alternating one and two details you can toggle between modes of drill down.

At any point during the drill down, you may want to see the transactions that correspond to your current drill down position. You can do this by using the Filter function of the Aggregation Viewer screen.

To get to the Filter screen:

1. In the Data Grid highlight the row you want to explore on the transactional level.
2. Press the Filter button of the Tool Bar. The Filter screen will open with its Data Grid displaying the transactions associated with the highlighted row of the Aggregation Viewer screen.