Auxiliary Fields are fields from the original model that contain data used in an aggregation calculation but not appear in the aggregation results.

For example, your data model may have a column called “Foreign Gross Amount” and another called “Exchange Rate” while the report requires the results in “Domestic gross amount” (that is expressed in the domestic currency).

In order to express the “Foreign” amount in the domestic currency, you would multiply the “foreign amount” by “exchange rate”. If, at the same time, you do not want to show the “foreign gross amount” and “exchange rate” fields in your aggregation results you would:

1. Set up both Foreign Gross Amount and Foreign Exchange columns as auxiliary fields.
2. On the Calculated Fields, tab create a new field called “gross_domestic_amount” and as the formula enter “foreign gross amount” * “exchange rate”

Auxiliary Fields tab (Fig.) consists of the data grid and a standard Tool Bar.

button opens the Column Lookup listing columns from the source data model(s).
No further setup is required for the auxiliary fields.

Note: When selecting auxiliary fields you CAN NOT use fields that were selected as Details.