Into the Conditions Tab (Fig.) you can insert logical conditions to be applied to the aggregated data.

Conditions setup allows you to narrow down data for processing. This is a standard pane for Conditions Setup. It is identical to the one used in the Portfolio definition. Please refer to that section for instructions. Also, refer to the Logical Conditions section in Chapter 2 Getting Started for complete instruction on the Logical Conditions and their use.

Insert Condition
Pressing this button and select a condition type from the menu (refer to the Logical Conditions section of this document).

Delete Conditions
Pressing this button removes the selected condition. The warning window will appear.

Move Up and Down Buttons
The “order of appearance” is irrelevant to the conditions processing. Up and Down buttons are provided to arrange conditions in a specific order that conveys the logic of the data selection commands in the most comprehensive way.

Copy All, Copy One and Paste Buttons
Copy and Paste functions allow you to import conditions to other tasks.

Validate Check Box
Mark in this box will force the system to check if the values you entered in the conditions actually exist. By default, the system will reject non-existing values.

Note: If you need to enter a non-existent value i.e. the infinite margin of a date interval, you must disable this feature.

Please refer to the Logical Conditions section of this manual for the complete instructions on how to set up logical conditions.