On the Details tab (Fig.) you select transaction attributes (details) for the system to use as criteria when summarizing the numbers. These details will also be used in the subsequent drill down to break down the numbers for the analysis.

Detail Element
Detail Element is a transaction attribute (the name of the column in the transaction table, such as Branch, Country, Product ID code, Product Type, Industry, etc.) that the user can apply to the source as a selection parameter to narrow down and arrange the information in the Data Grids of the analytical screens and their printouts in specific ways which may be required by the business needs.

Detail Tab Tool Bar
Buttons of the Detail Tab’s Tool Bar provide the following functionality identical to the toolbar of the Models tab described above.

Detail Selection
On the tab’s toolbar press the button and select column names from the lookup. Use the Ctrl button for the multiple select.

Note: Bold Face in a column name indicates that a Lookup is available for this field.