Parameters Tab

On the Parameters tab (Fig.) you can set up basic parameters for the resulting source.

Storage Type
Select desired Storage Type (CONTINUOUS by default) from the menu (Fig. ).

DB Source
Select the storage location for the system-generated source from the menu (Fig.).

Details as Keys
Check ‘Yes’ if you intend to use Detail fields as keys.

Archive Tab

On the Archive tab (Fig.) you can set up the archiving schedules for the Aggregation Execution resulting data.

Archiving schedule includes a time period the resulting data will be preserved on the database and accessible at any time prior to being archived and a time period the data will remain in the archived state prior to being deleted entirely. These time intervals are institution-specific and depend on the company’s internal policy.

The tab contains a series of options each (with the exception of the User-defined) referring to the Aggregation Execution frequency. By selecting ‘Yes’, you set up the default archiving schedule for a particular frequency of data generation.

These defaults are set up and can be viewed on the Auto Archive Defaults screen.

The system allows you to make more than one selection to give you options later on when setting up the Aggregation execution.

User-Defined Archiving
Selecting the User Defined option will activate two additional input fields (Fig. 30) where you can create customized archiving schedules.

Simply type in the number of days into the input fields.