On the Synthetic Fields tab (Fig.) you set up task-specific column to be added to the Destination table where the results of ad-hoc calculations are displayed.

For a Synthetic Field to function, it requires a name, unique for the current task, and a calculation formula.
For example, if the resulting table has exposures expressed in local currency in one column and the foreign exchange rates in another column, users can create a synthetic field and use a simple formula to convert the exposure to the ‘home’ currency.

If depending on the type of the currency, user needs to perform different calculations (i.e. division vs. multiplication) he may insert a calculation formula using logical conditions (if).

Note: Axiom supports MS Excel syntax for calculations and conditions.

Source fields used in the formula are referenced by their names, prefaced with a “$”. For example, the actual formula for converting the exposure into the home currency will look like:
$exposure_in_local_currency * $exchange_rate
Note: Please keep in mind that both fields should be defined prior to this calculation.

Synthetic Fields Definition Pane
Synthetic Fields Definition pane consists of the data grid where you enter Column name and Description and a formula that determines how the field will be populated.

Calculate Total
The checkmark here indicates the total will be calculated for this synthetic field. If the field is going to contain a percentage of values or any other type of value for which calculating totals makes no sense, the checkmark should be removed.

Value Type
Here you select the appropriate Data format from the arrow button menu (Fig.).

Value Size
This field becomes active when the Value Type parameter is set on ‘Character’. Input here indicates what number of characters the value in the field would NOT exceed.

Value Nullable
Check Mark here will allow nulls in the Calculated field.

Note: Synthetic fields are shown ON SCREEN ONLY and data there is not stored in the Database. The values are inserted into the synthetic field during data upload into the viewer screen.