When you click Choose drill-down on the View menu, or the Choose drill-down () button in the worksheet panel, the Drill-Down dialog box opens. Initially it looks as shown in the following figure.


The dialog box contains a list of selectable items (see the Current Details box in the preceding figure). They correspond to the worksheet’s columns for which aggregated functions are not specified in the Header Manager window. The drill-down process is based on the columns selected in this list. The data displayed in the worksheet will be broken down by the selected columns (‘1’) and the calculated columns (‘2’), i.e. the ones for which aggregated functions are specified (see an example in the following figure).

Besides the Current Details box, the Drill-Down dialog box contains three check boxes: Drill-down current selection, 2-Dimensional drill-down, and Open in new window.

1-Drill-down current selection defines the rows through which data the system will drill down: only the rows highlighted in the worksheet (if the check box is selected) or all the rows displayed in the worksheet.

Note: If the Total row is selected this check box does not affect the system’s behavior.

2-Dimensional drill-down defines whether to display the result of drilling down as a matrix (if selected) or as a regular worksheet. When you select this check box, corresponding UI elements appear on the right side of the dialog box (see the 2-Dimensional drill-down box in the following figure). The check box is available only if two items are selected in the Current Details box.

The option button allocates the coordinate axes for the selected columns.

Freeze Totals rows/columns check box locks (i.e. freezes) the Total row and Total column so that they are visible when scrolling through the data (if selected).

An example of 2-dimension drilling down is shown in the following figure.

Open in new window opens the result of drilling data on a separate Data Model Viewer screen.