The Data Model Viewer screen is used to view and organize data in a DataModel instance for filtering, grouping, and drilling down, and perform other relevant actions, such as saving a snapshot, exporting and printing.

The screen contains two expandable panels placed one under the other (see ‘1’ and ‘2’ in the following figure). The lower panel displays one or more worksheets storing the data while the upper panel is used to specify conditions to narrow down this data. You can change the sizes of the panels by dragging the border between them or by clicking the respective button () located on the border.

To open the Data Model Viewer screen, do one of the following:

  1. In the Objects pane, right-click any existing DataModel object, and then click View.
  2. On the Data Model Setup screen, on the Actions menu, click View Data Model.
  3. On the Data Model Setup screen, click the View Data Model toolbar button.
  4. On the Model Instance Editor screen, click the View instance toolbar button.
    Note: The program will not open the screen if the referenced DataModel object has no instances.