When you click the Select models/sources to show () button in the worksheet panel, a drop-down box opens (see the following figure). It contains a hierarchal tree with selectable nodes. The structure of this tree matches the structure of the hierarchy created earlier on the Hierarchy tab of the respective Data Model Setup screen. This hierarchy determines the relationships between the DataSource objects on which the open DataModel object is based.

You can select the nodes manually or use the buttons at the bottom of the box.


  1. Select All selects all the nodes in the tree.
  2. Deselect All clears the selection of all the nodes in the tree.
  3. Hide closes the box.

Each node corresponds to a particular worksheet that contains a portion of structured data. All worksheets for selected nodes are opened in the worksheet panel at once. In the following example, three nodes are selected.

With any interaction (selecting a node or clearing a selection), the number of open worksheets changes dynamically.

Note: A DataSource node of the DataModel hierarchy, which is created on the Data Model Setup screen, is not displayed in the box if the relationship between this node and its parent is “one -> one”, “one or zero -> one (OUTER join)”, or “FULL OUTER join”. In this case, the parent’s worksheet contains joined data of both the parent and the child (displayed with different colors). See an example in the following figure.