The worksheet panel displays the data of a selected DataModel instance. It also provides a number of tools—for example, the buttons at the top—to slice and dice this data.


The buttons at the top of the worksheet panel are grouped according to their purpose. Some of them duplicate menu commands. The following table contains the descriptions of all these UI elements.

TABLE 2 Worksheet panel’s buttons

Image Name Description
Select models/sources to show Opens a box containing a hierarchy (tree) of the DataSource objects on which the DataModel object is based. You can select several nodes of the tree to display the corresponding data in separate worksheets (several worksheet panes are opened at once). The button is unavailable if the DataModel object is based on only one DataSource object. For more information about this function, see Select models/sources to show later in this chapter
Choose drill-down Duplicates the Choose drill-down command on the View menu
Move to previous drill down, Move to next drilldown Switches between the results of performed drill-down functions. If the first or the last result is reached the corresponding button is unavailable
Reload Data, Interrupt data loading Duplicate the Reload Data and the Interrupt data loading commands on the View menu, respectively
Header manager Duplicates the Header manager command on the Tools menu
Find Column Opens the Select COLUMN for Data Model dialog box that contains a list of the columns displayed in the active worksheet (see Illustration 1). You can select any item from this list to jump to the respective column in the worksheet (a cell of the column will be selected).The text box at the top of the dialog box serves as a filter to find column items in the list.If several worksheet panes are displayed in the panel, you can open such dialog box for each pane at the same time.
View data as chart Duplicates the View data as chart command on the View menu
Manual adjustments Duplicates the Manual adjustments command on the Edit menu
Copy to clipboard for Report Writer Copies the content associated with the cells selected in the active worksheet to the Clipboard. (This content is used on the Free Form Report Setup screen, also known as the Report Writer screen.) The button is unavailable if the worksheet is empty

Illustration 1 Select COLUMN for Data Model dialog box

When you right-click a column heading in a worksheet, a shortcut menu appears. This menu contains several commands for managing the column and its content.

Sort Ascending and Sort Descending sort the data stored in the selected column in ascending or descending order, respectively.

Hide Column hides the selected column.

Note: To make this column visible again, click the respective column heading in the Current columns box of the Header Manager window.

When you right-click a cell or a range of selected cells in a worksheet, a shortcut menu appears. This menu contains two commands: Copy and Add Filter.

Copy copies the values from the selected cells to the Clipboard.

Add Filter adds a condition record based on the values from the selected cells into the condition panel. If the selection includes cells of two or more columns, the cells of the very left column are used.