We will set up our Tutorial source as Segmented. To do this open Data Storage tab and:
1. Set Data Accumulation Mode on SEGMENTED.
2. Enter Data Table Prefix as tut_trans. The prefix will be followed by the time stamp inserted by the system upon the completion of data loading. Maximum 16 characters (Oracle).
3. Use 4-Eyes Check. Click Yes. The illustration below (Fig.) shows how the Data Storage tab should look like after completion of the setup.

1. Continuous Data
If we needed to define our source as Continuous, here we would enter the following parameters:
1. Set Data Accumulation Mode on Continuous
2. Leave Comparison Operator on =
3. Set Table Prefix as tutorials.
4. Use the arrow button of the As of Date field to open the menu that lists all date columns of the source. Select a column from the lookup that had been agreed on as the As Of Date column.

2. Permanent Data
Permanent data source setup will be covered in the next chapter in conjunction with the Control (Lookup) Source setup description.

3. Original Data Configuration Setup
In order for the system to identify columns in the original source, they have to be mapped to the corresponding columns of the Source Layout on the Original Data Configuration tab.
Note: This tab’s availability depends on the Loading Method selection. It appears when the load_file loader is selected.

4. Source Field Column
The leftmost column (Source Field) of the grid of the Original Data Configuration tab (Fig.) contains the column names as they were created during the Source Layout setup.

5. Original Field Column
The middle column (Original Field) of the grid needs to be populated with the order numbers of the corresponding columns of the original source table (Fig.).

To fill the Original Fields column:
1. Press button. The Original Fields column fills up with sequential numbers reflecting the sequence of columns in the original source. This sequence must be established with the source provider and inputted here manually prior to attempting the upload.
2. Since we are going to use Axiom Index column as the enumerator in the Loader Properties setup, remove the Original Column value for Axiom Index column:
a. Highlight Axiom Index entry
b. Press button to clear the entry in the selected field
At the completion of this portion of the setup, the Original Data Configuration tab’s grid should look like shown on the illustration below (Fig.).