By default the Source Editor opens with the General tab. On this tab following parameters are set up:

  1. Source Hosting – from the arrow button menu select INTERNAL. We mark our tutorial source Internal because later we would want to access it and use it for Manual Adjustments. External sources cannot are inaccessible to the client and their adjustments must be made by the provider of the data.
  2. Data Structure – Since our source will be in the form of raw transactional data you should leave this setting on FLAT (By default).
  3. DB Source – Select ‘Oracle’ DB Source from the arrow button menu. This parameter refers to the database name where the source we are setting up will be located. As a rule, it is set up by Axiom SL and appears by default as ORACLE (ORACLE). Other options may be available.Note: Please consult Axiom SL or your internal IT department if you are not clear on this.
  4. Select Loading Method – load_file in our case – this program loads data from any file.
    Loader selection is a crucial step for successful data download. If you have difficulty in deciding which loader to use for any particular source, consult your IT personnel or contact Axiom SL specialists who would be happy to advise on the issue.
  5. Set Default Visibility in Model on Yes since the source we are setting up contains transactions and will be the main source in data models that we will create later on.

This step concludes the General Tab’s parameters setup.

The illustration below (Fig.) shows how the General tab should look like after completion of the setup.