Loader Action is an executable program for post processing of data following the upload.

Note: Loader Actions use requires extensive database management expertise. We strongly advise you to consult your database management experts prior to using Loader Actions.

To set up a Loader Action:

1. Open Loader Actions Tab

2. Press button to open the Lookup

3. Select an action and click OK to close the lookup. The system inserts the selected Action into the Loader Action pane. The right side of the screen redraws showing parameters that are necessary to specify for the selected action to work.

4. Enter Validation Condition and select an Action to be performed. Expression: “maturity_date <@EXEC_DATE” for example will reject records with maturity date is BEFORE the execution date.

5. Select the Action you want the system to take in case of the validation failure

6. Rename the system-assigned Loader Action name. For example type in the Name input line ActionValidate_maturity_execution to indicate the action’s purpose.

On the illustration below you can see the complete setup for the Action Validate loader action.