Contents of this tab depend on the Loader selection (see General Tab section). Loader parameters depend on the Database platform, loader selection and other factors that should be agreed upon with the data source provider in advance.
For our Tutorial Source, the data will arrive as a file. Therefore the following Loader (load_file) parameters will need to be set up:

1. Delimiter – Select an appropriate Delimiter from the arrow button menu (Fig.).

In our example, the Delimiter will be TAB
2. Number of Rows to Skip – Leave on Zero.
3. Loader Enumeration Field – In our case, we decided to make axiom_index an enumerator. For this purpose, we removed mapping from the Original Data Setup.
4. Trailing Nulls in File – Leave on No.
5. Skip the rest of the parameters. The illustration below (Fig.) shows complete Loader Parameters setup for the Tutorial source.

Note: Loader Control File is normally generated by the system on the background during the data upload process. You have to use the Loader Parameters feature only if you want to customize it.

Additional Index Column Selection

Additional Indexes are created to optimize frequent referencing of certain columns (as in drill-downs). Doing so increases the system’s speed. To build an additional index for the Tutorial Source we will set up the list of columns we will use later on in our aggregation drill down:

1. On the Indexes tab, press button to add a node under the Indexes main node (Fig.).

2. Name this node drilldown_1 by manually typing the node name into the name field which appears in the editing mode. Press Enter. The Parameters pane on the right side redraws showing the parameter entering functionality (Fig.).

3. On the Parameters, pane press to open the Lookup listing Source’s columns (Fig.).

Select columns as indicated on the illustration (use Shift to do multiple select).
4. Press OK to close the lookup. Selected columns are shown in the Properties pane (Fig.).