In this section we will describe the step-by-step setup of three major types of sources:

  1. Segmented – transactional data
  2. Continuous – market data
  3. Permanent – control data

To start a new source use New on the Project Management screen (available via right-clicking on the Source object category) or use Add the new function of the Source Editor if it is already open.

Another method of creating a new source is saving an existing source (preferably similar to the one you are in the process of setting up) under a different name using the Save As function and modifying it.

Note: When naming data sources avoid using special characters, because they can cause conflicts with databases that use these characters in a different context.

Note: When using the Save As function the system clears the original source’s data table name and manual adjustments table name, which will need to be reset. The warning will appear.

The setup of a source of any type consists of two basic sequentially interchangeable steps:

  1. Source attributes definition
  2. Source Layout setup

Source data usually arrives from the outside, often from several providers and in a variety of formats. Therefore, prior to starting the setup:

1. Various attributes of the incoming data structure need to be clarified and agreed upon,
2. Loading procedures need to be adjusted to conform to your organization’s requirements.
3. All the DB Sources must be created.