The Adjustment Validations tab is used to create validation rules against improper changes to the data on the Adjustments screen of the resulting Portfolio instance. For example, validation rule can disallow columns to contain ‘0’ or values surpassing a certain limit. 

The Adjustment Validations tab has a mini toolbar with a standard set of buttons for adding rows with properties to a table. To create an adjustment validation rule, add a blank row with the help of the Add row or Insert row buttons and specify the Adjustment Validations properties. 

Field Name is the name of the additional column in the resulting Portfolio instance where you want the Adjustment Validation rule to be applied. 

Validation Type is used to set the event that triggers the adjustment validation rule checker. The Validation Type combo box allows you to select any of the following validation event types: 

  • On edit only 
  • On save only 
  •        On edit and save 
  • On delete only

Validation Expression is used to specify a validation expression to be assigned to the Additional Field in the resulting Portfolio instance. Another way to set this property is to click the Lookup button and select a desired ASL expression (predefined by AxiomSL) in the open Expression dialog box.