The Documentation tab is used to provide additional information associated with the open Portfolio object. This information can be stored in a text file located in a shared directory and entered in the Notes box (see the Documentation File and Notes boxes in the following figure, respectively). 


The two buttons located to the left of the Documentation File box are used to manage the file. 

View Doc File opens the file using the path specified in the box. 

Upload file opens the Open dialog box for you to select the file you want to use. This file will be copied to the directory specified on the Folders tab of the System Default Setup window5 (see the Folder for Documentation (on the server) setting). If the path is not specified on this tab, an error message will appear. 

The two buttons located above the Notes box are used to manage its content. 

Load from file opens the Open dialog box for you to select a text file that contains the information you want to insert into the Notes box. Be noted that the existing content of the box, if any, will be removed. 

Save to file opens the Save dialog box for you to select an existing text file or to create a new one where you want the content of the Notes box to be saved.