The Indexes tab allows you to add additional indexing in order to optimize system performance by providing quick access to the columns or combinations of columns that are often used in referencing or drilling down. This is particularly useful if you are planning to use the resulting Portfolio instance for further calculations in Aggregation and FreeFormReport objects. However, the overuse of indexes may have an adverse effect on the system and slow down database performance. It is recommended to consult your DBA before using this tab. 

The Indexes tab, by default, contains the Additional Indexes section with a mini toolbar and the Additional Indexes root node. The mini toolbar has the Add new node and Delete selected nodes buttons. 



To add additional indexing to a field in the resulting Portfolio instance, follow these steps: 

1. In the Additional Indexes tree, add a new node by clicking the Add new node button in the Additional Indexes mini toolbar or by right-clicking the Additional Indexes node and clicking the Add new node command. 

2. Select the newly added node and click the Lookup button on the Index Fields mini toolbar of the Parameters sub tab, which appears on the right. Select the desired DataSource column for indexing from the list in the open Field dialog box. The specified field is now added to the Index Fields table, as illustrated in the following figure. 



The Parameters sub-tab also has Clustered and Unique option buttons.  

Clustered option button defines whether the specified column indexes are clustered or non-clustered. Clustered indexes sort and store the data rows based on their key values. Non-clustered indexes have a structure, not in the table data rows. Their key values have only pointers to the records. It is typically recommended to use non-clustered indexes for columns used in JOIN, WHERE, and ORDER BY clauses.  

Unique option button defines whether or not the data stored in the indexed column or in the indexed combination of columns must be unique. If ‘Yes’ is selected, duplicate data will be regarded as an error by the system.  

Create indexes on stream columns option button (located at the bottom of the Indexes tab) is used to create indices for the stream columns in the resulting Portfolio instance.